Memorials to Fallen K-9s
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In Loving Memory of 
  October 3, 1998 
Handler: Officer Brad Thompson  
Ft. Worth Police Department 
350 W. Belknap St. 
Ft. Worth, TX 76102
Argo on the LODD section of the website, Argo, 1998, Ft Worth TX.  He was killed during a search for a suspect who the day before had shot a State Trooper during a traffic stop.  K-9 Argo on point had lead us into a heavily wooded area and led to the suspects location.  Upon contact with the suspect he immediately took the team under fire catching Argo in the throat with the first round dropping him, rounds 2 and 3 hit my thigh and chest before I got my first round off back into the suspect.  Although fatality wounded Argo then got back up and again charged the suspect.  I had Argo on long line so I immediately pulled him back to me and placed him in a down behind me placing my body between him and the gunman in an attempt to protect him as he had done for me moments earlier.  In the ensuing gun battle the suspect was killed.  We immediately loaded Argo into a patrol unit and took him to the vet where despite our efforts he died the following morning.  The only consolation was that Argo died doing what he loved doing and in the arms of the person who he loved enough to do it for. 
I have been an officer for 15 years working such assignments as Patrol, Narcotics, Gang Enforcement, Directed Patrol/Tactical, community services and K9.  I am a certified Tactical (SWAT) Officer, Tactical Tracker and Defensive Tactics Instructor.  I have had the privilege of training with such units as the German Bundesgrenzschutz GSG9 (Germany's premier counterterrorist unit), the Specialeinsatzkommando (SEK) which is a German State Police Swat Team in Northern Germany as well.  My latest privilege has been the Tactical Tracking course taught by former Rhodesian SAS Officer David Scott-Donelan who commanded the Rhodesian Tracking School overseeing all TCU's (Tracker Combat Units).  30 years fighting terrorists in the bush of SW Africa has made this man a legend and it was my honor to learn from him. 
Brad's website Present K-9 ARKO 
In Loving Memory of
May 14, 1998

Handler: Officer Terry Burnett
Metro Nashville Police Department
2060 15TH Ave S
Nashville, TN 37212-4404
Phone: (615) 862-8600

Officer Aron, Nashville, TN K-9 Aron's Farewell Nashville Tuesday May 19, 1998 1315 hours
Hundreds of Officers from Tennessee and surrounding states assembled at Marshall Donnelly-Combs Funeral Home on 25th Ave.
As I entered the Funeral Home I observed Officer Burnett standing beside a beautiful casket that held the mortal remains of his
fallen partner. I approached and spoke with Officer Burnett for a moment and then pushed back the tears as I observed Aron lying
so peaceful with his training tennis ball at his feet. I some how knew at this moment that I was paying respect to a fallen Officer
and not just a K-9 dog. The funeral procession got started and I estimated approx. 300 to 400 police units all with lights flashing
and many with their K-9 partners running up and down in the back seats as if they knew why they were there. the procession worked
it's way across town with motorists pulling over and many had their hands over their hearts in tribute to Aron. The hardest part of
the journey was as the procession passed by the Metro Nashville Criminal Justice Building. The staff of the police department and
court house employees lined the street in final tribute to Aron. My tears let go at this point as I knew Aron would be proud of his
fellow workers and the citizens of Nashville. Once we arrived at the Training Academy, it took several minutes as you can see in
the photo's to park all of the many police units. It was then that I observed many citizens already present waiting for the service.
I saw one little girl approx. eight years of age who had flowers in her hand. I learned that she had met Aron some time before and
wanted to say farewell to him. The grave site was covered with flowers from friends of Aron's. They were all so beautiful, truly a site to behold. The pall bearers took Aron from the hearse and carried him to his final resting place here on earth. Then the chaplin gave his eulogy, which was beautiful. As taps started to be played and the 21 gun salute was fired, I realized how lucky we all were that God created these wonderful animals who are able to become true friends and sworn officer's in the fight against crime. Lined across the field were officers with their partners seated at their feet, each of whom would lay down their lives at any time to protect both
you and me. Aron, you have meant so much to us all and we thank you for what you gave for us.... your life. You may be gone from
this old earth but your spirit will live on and we all will be better for having had you here to protect us.

On 05-14-98 at approx. 0900 Hours the Metro Nashville Police Department and all of the Law Enforcement Community lost an outstanding member of our ranks. A lone gunman entered the Regency Bank and robbed it. The quick response of Metro Police Units aborted his escape from the bank and he was forced to run into the woods behind the bank. Officer Terry Burnett and his partner K-9 Aron responded to the scene and tracked the suspect into the woods along with fellow officers. Aron performed his duties with the expertise he was trained with. Aron located the suspect and the suspect opened fire with two semi-auto handguns. One round struck Officer Burnett in the foot and Aron positioned himself in between his handler and took gun fire from the suspect that was met for Officer Burnett. Aron was struck by the gun fire and as officers pulled his handler from the fire fight, Aron continued to stand between the suspect and his partner.
Aron, as captured by news crew film, forced himself on his back legs only, as his front legs were useless from the wounds he had
obtained, from the woods and returned to lay on top of his handler and partner to further protect him. Officer Burnett had suffered
a gun shot to the foot and refused medical treatment until he and other Officers rushed Aron to a local emergency animal clinic where
Aron died from his wounds. Aron acted without fear and protected his handler in the most noble fashion. He even returned to his
partner with life threatening wounds as he was trained to do. Aron displayed the courage and devotion to Law Enforcement that
many will never understand. The Hendersonville Police Department, it's Officers, and K-9 ''Bo'' salute the valor of Aron and
stand beside our fellow Officers of the Metro Nashville Police Department in this tragic and solemn moment. Officer Aron will
be sadly missed by all of us in this community but will never be forgotten. Our prayers to Officer Burnett and his family in his loss,
as Aron was not only an officer but a devoted and true friend as he demonstrated today. Note. As a former K-9 handler and
webmaster of this page I salute officer Aron and understand the great loss Officer Burnett has suffered. Aron was not only
a partner but a loved member of Officer Burnett's family and a devoted friend whom he spent as much time with as he did
with anyone else. Our prayers are with you. Services will be held for Officer Aron on Tuesday the 19th day of May, 1998
at the Metro Nashville Training ACD. on Tucker Road in Nashville, Tn. The service will begin at two P.M. Condolences and
sympathies for Officer Burnett and the Metro P.D. may be emailed to Memorial Service photos and
narrative by Det. J.D. Coarsey. The criminal was killed by the 4 member S.W.A.T. team, when he attempted to shoot another K-9
and his handler.

In Honor of: Officer Aron
K-9 Division ~ Officer Aron, Nashville K-9
Hendersonville Police Department
And Dedicated to: Officer Terry Burnett
Nashville Police Department

These words are dedicated to Officer Terry Burnett (K-9 Division in
Nashville, Tennessee) in memory of your loyal friend and partner Aron.
His act of heroism will never be forgotten. Aron was living proof that
We All have a reason for being here no matter who or what we are.

God Bless You Both.

( K-9 Officer Aron was killed protecting Officer Burnett in 1998)