Memorials to Fallen K-9s
The F.A.S.T. Co. donates sets of memorial cards to all partners 
 I need your help to inform me of such losses.

Dept. addresses available for those who want to send condolences to officers. See below

In Loving Memory of
August 24, 1989

Handler: Sal Apodaca
Los Angeles Police Department

Metropolitian Division, K-9 Platoon
Central Facilities Building
251 East Sixth Street, Room 221
Los Angeles, CA 90014
Attn: Sergeant Gerry Sola

K-9 Marko was searching for a Grand Theft Auto suspect in 77th Street Area.  Marko located the suspect in a crawl space of a single family residence.  As the K-9 engaged the suspect a fight ensued.  Marko was fatally stabbed in the head.  The suspect is taken into custody.  Marko was honored on October 6, 2002 in a ceremony dedicating the California Police Dog Memorial known as Faithful Partner. Liberty, along with 22 other K9s is listed on the Memorial that is dedicated to police dogs that have died in the line of duty.   submitted by Vickie Gustafson -School of Veterinary Medicine-Development-UC Davis- CA e-mail:

In Loving Memory of
November 29, 1990

Handler: Trooper Mike Smith
Florida Highway Patrol
Troop G
Jacksonville, FL

Killed in the line of duty
K9 Major began his career with the Florida Highway Patrol on October 23, 1989. After completion of K9 Patrol and Drug Detection schools in March 1990, K9 Major and his handler Trooper Mike Smith were assigned to Troop G, Jacksonville. In his short career he was responsible for the seizure of approximately $100,000 in illegal drugs seized in Northeast Florida. He also played a role in numerous arrests of drug traffickers, car thieves and fugitives. On November 29, 1990, K9 Major was conducting a vehicle search alongside the roadway when he was struck and killed by a passing vehicle.  
submitted by Bobby Earls

In Loving Memory of 
Oct. 1981 - Sept. 1991
Handler: Sgt. George T. Cayer
Rumford Police Department

A tribute to Major 
This is Major. I was and still am very proud of him for all that he did for my agency and me. As always he was there when I needed him, ready to put his life down for mine if needed. He was a machine when it came to obedience, trained in all aspects of police K-9 work. At home he was a house pet, watching over my wife and at the time one daughter. He is sadly missed and could never be replaced. Some day in thefuture I will have another K-9 to work and spend long hours with. Thank you for giving these fallen heroes a place were they can be remembered in everyone's lives. Major was almost 10 years old when he passed on (October 1981 to September 1991). He was endorsed by the Rumford, Maine Police and the Maine State Warden Servicefor Search and Rescue operations. During my time with Major, I was Deputy Game Warden and spent many of days and nights in the field.  
Sincerely grateful, Sergeant George T. Cayer 
Now Sgt. Cayer has K-9, "Shelby," for 6 years. A beautiful  Cocker Spaniel, who hunts, has a great nose for drugs,
 & "sticks to him like glue!"
Chip returned from working with the United Nations Civilian Police in Kosovo"  For more about  CIVPOL 
(click on link) under the Kosovo link.


In Loving Memory of
October 14, 1982

Handler: Patrolman Bob Parrish
Trenton Police Department
New Jersey

On October 14, 1982, Patrolman Bob Parrish and his K9 partner Mac responded to a burglary in progress at a tavern. On their arrival, the officers at the scene reported seeing the silhouette of a person on the premise. Patrolman Parrish and Mac entered the building and conducted a search as they were trained. It was in the basement that a suspect armed with a knife lunged from a utility closet. As he was trained, Mac pounced on the suspect and during the ensuing struggle, Mac was stabbed in the chest and mortally wounded. Patrolman Parrish rushed his partner to the veterinary hospital, where Mac died from his wound shortly after arriving.
     Mac will always be remembered by the Trenton Police Department for his service and the extreme sacrifice he made in the performance of his duties. Mac's presence on the scene likely saved an officer from serious injury from the armed suspect who was predisposed to attack with his knife.
As the result of Mac's death, New Jersey passed legislation making it a crime to assault a Police Animal.

After all these years, Bob Parrish has kept Mac's cremains in his home. He is now laid to rest on May 16, 2001 in pet cemetery in Hamilton, NJ.. Bob still feels the sadness and will always remember Mac.   

Memorial Service Hamilton Pet Cemetery