Memorials to Fallen K-9s
The F.A.S.T. Co. donates sets of memorial cards to all partners 
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In Loving Memory of

Handler: Officer Art Guertin
Virginia Beach Police Department

Leroy Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23456

(757) 427-5000

Fritz was one of 5 K-9s that started the unit in Virginia Beach, VA in 1970. He worked with a previous officer  before partnered with Officer Art Guertin.  Life in those days with a K-9 was different from today. The Ford patrol cars were emptied of their back seat and replaced with a wooden floor for the K9. They patroled  together until this was replaced by Ford Boncos (jeep like auto).  They only did night work due to no air conditioning in cars. The windows were kept open to cool down from the hot summer days in Virginia.  They were trained for searches, attacks,  and obedience. Art worked 6 months with Fritz and he saved his life at least two times. On night, Art noticed  a pick-up truck down a deserted lane behind a furniture store. he drove the patrol car into wooded lane with no lights on. Art checked it out.  Upon investigating, it was a vehicle used to transfer stolen goods. K-9 Fritz allerted Art to a gun  and jumped out of the car and ran toward the truck. The gun dropped to ground. thus; saved Art.  He then went to other side with gun out and leash on Fritz, wrapped around arm.  With one arm on Fritz lined up aside truck... apprehend driver... located passenger and got another gun on floor board.  Another time, as they were passsing gas station one early morning, he noticed the bay window was out, went back to check, Fritz jumped out of car, appreheneded burglars with a chase.  Fritz saved Art's life several times and made many apprehensions. Fritz's previous handler didn't keep up with medications for him and he developed heart worms. Fritz survived the cure  and retired with Art and family. After retiring, he lived a year before the hip arthritis became so bad, he had to be put down.
submitted by "Art"